Financial Avenue


Financial Avenue


AGENT wrote and designed this fun-to-watch series of videos for Inceptia. Their purpose is to give millennials the upper-hand when it comes to money matters in college. Practical info about student loans, ways to save some cash and tips on how to handle their finances throughout the length of college. I came aboard as Lead Animator and Agent supplied me with storyboards, voiceovers and direction for these fun/quirky set of videos. Who said learning has to be lame?


Montage: Some money-mograph moments for your eyes and ears:


Meet The Knowl: He's an owl, with a healthy fascination for finance.


Intros and Content Videos: Simple, straightforward, and easy to digest. Perfect for the millennial in all of us:

Erik is a brilliant animator and motion graphics guru who time after time has delivered outstanding work. Creatively top notch. Easy to work with. And totally collaborative. I would recommend Erik to anyone at any time for any project.
— Raleigh Drennon, Executive Creative Director, AGENT