Mic Bergsma



Mic Bergsma is a pro wakeboarder, videographer, a GoPro family member, Insta famous and a Youtube sensation. Mic had been using a logo that he was lukewarm about since it didn't properly fit in the circular profile image all of social media now uses. So it seemed like the right time for a re-fresh! As far as concept, he didn't want to lose the duck (everyone knows that image), he was okay with removing the Texas shape, since he works/travels all over the world. So I developed this new, vector illustrated mark to be used as his primary logo. Also included an accompanying cover design for his Youtube and Facebook pages. 





 Youtube Banner Design
 Instagram Profile Image
 Patreon Thumbnail

GoPro Tips: Intro

If you do a search for “GoPro Tips,” you will find Mic’s videos at the top of the list on Youtube. He’s come up with (literally) hundreds of his own techniques and tricks on ways to use this handy little action cam. This is actually the 3rd GoPro Tip intro I've produced for Mic and the one constant complaint from the previous intros, was that they were too long. So, as you can see, we kept it short and sweet to lead the viewer right into the video content.


T-Shirt Design


This was actually an idea I sketched while working on the logo design. While we liked the concept, we agreed that it didn't work as well for the hero image/brand – but would work great for t-shirts! These shirts are sold on Mic's online shop and many fans from all over show their support by ordering and sharing on social media. 


Front Shirt Design

Mic and Lori Bergsma picking up the printed goods

Mic modeling the shirt in his backyard-with-a-view